On April 30th, after noticing our cat Tre wasn’t eating and was constantly puking and having major diarrhea. My mother took him to the vet and got our worst fear confirmed- he has a major blockage in his intenstines. Tomorrow, May 1st, he goes in for his ultrasound to see what’s causing it. It can be anything from a large tumor to a decaying mouse he may have swallowed whole- either way, the results don’t favor him. On Friday, we get the results and our options/cost factors.Tre was my first pet ever, he’s only 7 years old, and is the sweetest being alive. He’s never bitten a single soul, constantly demands love and attention, and also has a twin brother and best friend, Siski and Cinnabun, who will miss him dearly if financial reasons are the reason we can’t attempt to save Tre’s life. Not to mention us- my father, brother, mother, and myself will be absolutely devastated to loose him this early in his life.My family has been through a lot, and in the past have gone above and beyond to get our cats the best medical care in the shortest amount of time. But we are going to struggle with this one.So far we only have the vet bill, which include the initial examination and the fluids they gave him to re-hydrate him from not eating or drinking for the past week. This bill alone is $404. Tomorrow he gets an ultrasound, which will be another $300 alone. Then after that, we have to factor in the costs of treatments or surgery to remove the blockage- wether it be a mouse or a tumor.I’ve set the goal at $2,000 to factor in the already established $700 costs plus whatever we should anticipate if he needs to undergo surgery. Anything we raise above what’s needed in vet bills will be donated between our local vetrinarians office (who have been absolutely wonderful to Tre throughout the years) and a local no-kill shelter in Vermont.Living 1,000 miles away from my kitty is hard, and this is all I can do to help. If you can’t donate yourself- please share this page? I know Tumblr/the internet has worked miracle to save animals in the past- all I’m asking is that Tre has a shot at becoming one of those lucky animals.
Thank you all.

For those asking if they can donate anywhere else- YES! I have set up a donation page via PayPal which you can access HERE, and I will be putting a button on my blog shortly. 


some pics i took in a cemetery in Izola, Slovenja.